A cat with a cone on its head

Cat Laparoscopic Surgery

In comparison to traditional surgery, laparoscopic surgery for cats is a minimally invasive alternative and typically results in a shorter recovery time. Similar to arthroscopic surgery, your veterinarian will make one or two small openings in the cat’s abdomen and insert both a camera and the surgical tools required to complete the procedure. This allows our…

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A microscope with a cat blood test

Cat Lab Tests

When Will A Veterinarian Order Blood Tests For Cats? Sometimes in the case of an eye or ear infection, your feline friend’s medical condition affords a veterinarian the opportunity for a relatively straightforward diagnosis. However, other times the results need further examination. In such a case, your veterinarian will order feline blood tests to aid…

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Two kittens with heartworms laying down and curled up with each other

Cat Heartworms

At Vida Veterinary Care, our highly experienced team of veterinarians and veterinary support staff have been helping educate our clients and win the fight against heartworms in cats since 1954. The importance of heartworm prevention for cats cannot be overstated. Once a cat has contracted heartworms, it cannot be cured. Therefore, preventive measures are absolutely necessary in order to…

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A cat with fleas laying on their back

Cat Fleas & Ticks

The Dangers Of Fleas And Ticks For Cats Of all the pesky nuisances out there your cat might face, fleas and ticks are two of the most troublesome. For cats, fleas and ticks pose a variety of potential health issues, including: Skin irritation Itching Rashes & skin infections Transmission of disease and illness Suffering Another…

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Cat Emergency

If your cat has suffered a sudden trauma or is experiencing any life-threatening symptoms, please call us immediately at: (720) 738-6234 In an emergency, time is of the essence, so please bring your cat to our emergency hospital as soon as possible. The address is: 4175 E. Warren AveDenver, CO 80222 What To Do If…

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A cat laying next to an ultrasound machine

Cat Diagnostic Imaging

What Is Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging For Felines? Veterinary diagnostic imaging includes radiographs (X-rays), ultrasound, MRIs, and CT scans, all of which are used as diagnostic tools to collect information about your cat’s health. The vast majority of imaging is non-invasive and completely painless. However, some imaging may require sedation or even anesthesia because the cat must…

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A cat with itchy skin getting a head scratch

Cat Dermatology

Most cats will scratch on occasion but if you notice that your cat’s occasional scratching and regular grooming have become more frequent and he or she appears uncomfortable, cat skin problems may be present and you should schedule an appointment with one of the veterinarians here at Vida Veterinary Care. Excessive scratching, hair loss, and…

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Gloved hands exposing a cat's teeth during a dental exam

Cat Dental

Dental disease is a reality for most cats. By age four, many cats have significant gingivitis, and many also have periodontal disease. It is a slow progressing but serious disease that causes pain and affects the cat’s overall health and well-being. Cats will not show signs of oral discomfort. Because the pain associated with dental…

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A white and orange cat laying down outside in the sun after a cardiology appointment

Cat Cardiology

How A Cat’s Heart Works A cat’s heart has four chambers. The two upper chambers are called the atrium (plural atria), and the lower chambers are called the ventricles. Additionally, the heart has a right and left side, each containing one atrium and one ventricle. A cat’s heart works as follows: Veins carry exhausted blood from the body…

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A grey cat with cancer sitting down

Cat Cancer

Diagnosing And Treating Cancer In Cats At Vida Veterinary Care, we understand that feline cancer is a devastating diagnosis. It is natural to feel highly emotional. However, a cat cancer diagnosis is not necessarily a hopeless one. Depending upon how early it is identified and the type of cancer involved, there are certainly options that…

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