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Medical Boarding Policy at Vida Veterinary Care – Denver

  1. Client and patient must have current VCPR (Veterinary-ClientPatient-Relationship) from either Vida hospital.
    • Patient must be current on vaccines (unless unable to vaccinate given
      medical condition- must be waived by DVM and documented).

      • Young puppies or kittens who are not fully vaccinated are not
        allowed to medical board.
      • Ferrets must be up to date on vaccines if boarding.
    • Patient must have recent negative fecal within 2-4 weeks of boarding
      (Fecal O&P). Day of drop offs- either in house fecal float by RVT or send
  2. Pet is on medications prescribed by a DVM or has a medical
    condition requiring medical boarding.
  3. Client is notified and aware that a technician or assistant will
    oversee caring for the pet.

    • DVMs will not be involved unless pet becomes ill during stay.
      • If DVM involvement required, it will be the responsibility of the
        inpatient/hospitalist DVM to evaluate patient and contact owner
        with recommendations
    • If there are not any hospitalized patients, boarding pet will be alone in
      kennel from midnight to 7am.
    • Clients can call for updates; staff to provide daily update and picture
      through Pet Desk.
  4. Medical Boarding Form is completed by staff member admitting the
    patient for medical boarding.

    • . Form is to be filled out completely by staff member each time a patient
      is boarded with listed medications, dose and frequency, food, items
      left, etc.

      • CPR/DNR status and consent for treatments if become necessary
        and unable to reach owner.
      • Canned estimate for medical boarding has forms attached.
    • Technician puts in treatment plan for all necessary medications, walks,
      feedings, etc. Use canned med boarder treatment plan and adjust as

      • Daily Pet Desk update text and picture on treatment plan by
      • Include creating rounds sheet for medical boarder.
      • Put medical boarder info on the white board.
      • All treatments are set between 8am to 11:30pm
    • Client made aware of $100/night cost of medical boarding – to be
      charged under Office Services
    • No deposit required; payment of invoice in full at time of pick up.
  5. A technician appointment time for admit and discharge must be
    scheduled by Vida staff when the owner calls to set up medical

    • Estimated pick up time should be confirmed by admitting staff member
      on admit for medical boarding.
  6. Permissible reasons for medical boarding:
    • Patient has a chronic medical condition but is stable and healthy upon
    • Post-surgical medical boarding to help restrict patient and give
      medications if owners cannot.

      • Transition to medical boarding from hospitalization under DVM
  7. Non-permissible reasons for medical boarding:
    • Dog or cat that is not eating or is deemed unhealthy by DVM
    • Dehydrated patient that requires more than SQF
    • Patient that is considered contagious to other animals (ex: kennel
      cough, giardia, etc.)
  8. ALL EXOTIC MEDICAL BOARDING must be approved by DVM first.
    • An additional charge will be added to the invoice for patients who
      require assisted feedings.

      • If bonded pair boarded together in same kennel, it is ok to do
        one charge for exotics only.

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